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2017.06.19. – User feedback for login detection and more!

We've updated the site more deeply this time: now users can correct their website login leak results if they discover errors. Furthermore, we now explain how you can protect yourself, and we are also getting ready to translate our website into other languages - you may notice it on the top-right of the menu.

2017.05.17. – Multiple updates

We've updated the extension detection signature database as we aim to do it on a monthly basis. Furthermore we added a question to know what percent of our users can be considered as computer geeks vs. regular users.

2017.04.12. – New extension signature database and Brave browser detection added

Today, we've updated the extension detection signature database, and we now also detect the Brave browser in order to maintain the cleanliness of the dataset.

2017.04.07. – Searchable list of detected extensions and login leak websites

We now provide a searchable list of the extensions our tool detects and 2017.04.06. – Updated press materials

We now have a more detailed post covering most aspects of our experiment, and we've also refreshed the offered screenshots.

2017.04.04. – The login detection were updated, and it might change your uniqueness!

While working on the site, we've been seeing a bug in the Chrome browser repeatedly on one of our developer machines (details will come later!). As we've seen it appearing on another machine, we extented the test to indicate the presence of this bug. However, in order to do this, we needed to slightly modify our implementation – this can change your uniqueness, so don't be surprised!

2017.03.29. – We were at RightsCon 2017!

We have presented our online test at the RightsCon 2017 conference. This also officially meant that finally our experiment is out! Please spread the word!

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